10 Ways To Be A Hero For Your Children

Provide support and build their confidence

Children should always be pushed to try new things but the problem is trying new things can often lead to failure. Children need to know failure is a part of growing and that it’s ok. To build their confidence you need to let your children know that you are in this together with them. Acknowledge when they get good grades or score the winning basket or hit the game-winning home run.

Offer security

Children need to feel safe at all times. Security can mean standing up for them when they need you, having their back at all times, but it can also be financial security. Many parents are working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet as best they can. Most children growing up don’t realize the sacrifice that many of us make so that our kids will always have what they need.

Listen to them

Children are under extreme pressure today from things like social media, friends, and school. All this pressure can be overwhelming at times. When you’re home and around your children give them your full attention. Talk to them, ask questions, learn about their day. Listen to your children and don’t be so quick to interject, hear them out fully first. You should be happy when your child wants to share something with you. This means they trust you and value your opinion enough to open up to you.

Show your spouse/significant other love

Children learn how to treat a spouse or significant other from you. They will repeat what they see at home in their own relationships later in life, so teach them how to love by showing love. Treat the person you love with respect and don’t talk badly behind their back. I hear parents all the time complaining about their significant other behind their backs. “He’s so lazy, he just sits on the couch all day”. “It would be nice if she cleaned every once in a while”.

Teach them

One of your main focuses as a parent is to teach your children many of life’s essential lessons. How to talk to people, kindness, being inquisitive, and how to ask questions and listen. I suggest you learn alongside your children. Ask them if they’d like to help you when you’re working on a project around the house.

Spend time with them

Children want to spend time with their parents (at least until they become teenagers). Take advantage of this time you have with your children when they’re young before things get too chaotic. Read to them, play games with them, talk with them, watch their favorite movie or TV show with them, exercise, take a walk, build something and so much more.

Consistently make memories

You’d be surprised what children remember about their childhood. Children remember times you spent with them even it was something as simple as a day at the amusement park or the time they caught their first fish. We were just talking at the dinner table the other day about some of the school trips and vacations we went on when they were younger. These memories don’t always have to be expensive vacations. There is plenty to do to make memories on a budget

Be trusting

Don’t break your child’s heart. If you say you’re going to show up to their game then show up. It can be devastating to your child to look up in the stands and you’re not there. Be their biggest supporter and keep your word. Walk the walk and talk the talk!

Give them love and affection

How easy is this to do? Just tell your children you love them and say it often. Every day, many times a day if possible. If you’re traveling for work take time to call them or at least text them to let them know. Give them hugs and let them know how much you love them.


When you have children you need to realize that there is a shift in life. It’s no longer just about you. You need to make sacrifices in order to be there for your children. You might not be able to watch every NFL game because your child has a soccer game on Sundays. Sacrifices will have to be made.



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