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7 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

What are the best ways to stop comparing yourself to others? Here are a few tips that I have found to be useful:

Practice self-awareness

Become more of what triggers you to have thoughts of self-comparison. Social media seems to be the biggest for most of us. If this is the case for you, limit the amount of time you spend on social media or stop following those that seem to be constant bragging offenders. Try to avoid putting yourself in situations that trigger social comparisons. Don’t go clothes shopping with your friends in high-end stores if you can’t afford the clothes or can’t be happy that they can.

Be grateful

The time to reflect on what you do have and be grateful is when you begin to experience feelings of comparison. More often than not, the outward appearance of a situation is not what’s going on inside. My wife and I have often noticed couples who seem to be doing well in life with large homes and fancy cars but come to find out they are miserable at home and have terrible marriages. Remember that most people are putting their best life forward on social media and in public, but when you pull back the curtain, you reveal a different story.

Stop the thoughts!

I’ve already discussed figuring out your triggers, but the trick is once you do feel comparison coming on, stop the thoughts. Take a deep breath and a minute to pause. Change your focus to the positives and what you are grateful for. Support people’s success and you might find this positive change causing you to succeed more.

Use comparison as fuel to motivate you

Look for healthy comparisons that can motivate you. Is there someone in your life who is the most positive person you’ve ever been around who makes you want to elevate yourself? Substitute negative comparisons for positive ones and become a better person. A critical part of incorporates striving and working hard for something. It is OK to want a more beautiful car. Make that nice car your goal and have it fuel you to do better and work harder instead of negatively motivating you against people who have more expensive things than you.

Remember, no one is perfect, especially you!

The perfect person doesn’t exist, so stop thinking they do. No one is perfect! You may have the mindset that you need to be perfect all the time, and if you don’t achieve perfection, you feel as though you’ve failed. Keep trying to improve yourself but realize you will never be that perfect person and be ok with that. Imperfection is what makes people who they are and what makes us all different.

Love more — hate less

Comparing yourself to others can be eye-opening. When you look introspectively at yourself, you may find that you are judgemental and critical of other people to make yourself feel better about you. This negative way of thinking and acting can force you not to take notice of the postives in your life.

Compare only to yourself

Focus on your life and what you want to achieve and what you have already done in your life. Looking at what you have now versus last year can be a real motivational tool. Again, this is where goal setting plays a significant role in our lives. We are all different people and lead different lives. Focus on what you are doing and stop worrying about others. Thinking in this way can help you find areas in life that you need to work on. Where someone else is in life has no direct effect on your life. Only you can control your path in life.



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