Fear Of Missing Out: How To Avoid FOMO

My generation vs. today’s generation

In many ways, my generation had it easier growing up. We didn’t know we were missing out on anything because we didn’t have it shoved in our faces hourly. Social media has a way of distorting every situation to appear to be the best thing happening at that moment. If you’re not there, in the picture, then you’re missing out.

Perceived vs. Actual

Have you ever witnessed a decision being made based on the perceived outcome of a situation? I’ll give you an example. One of your children is going back and forth on whether they want to go out to a party with their friends. They decide to do so reluctantly. Most times instead of being present in the situation of the party they find themselves spending the majority of the night on their cell phones seeing what OTHER people are doing.

So How Do You Prevent Fear Of Missing Out?

Admit the problem

Much like an alcoholic, you can’t cure yourself until you admit you have a problem. Though FOMO isn’t life-threatening, it can begin to destroy relationships, careers, and other aspects of your life. Make a decision to change.

Don’t allow technology to mold your life

The smartphone hasn’t been around that long (10+ years at the time of posting this for an iPhone). This technology is still very young yet it has quickly woven itself into our lives. There needs to be a balance between technology and actual living.

Take a Break

Unplug for a bit, stay off social media and give yourself a break. You will survive. I guarantee it. You will also discover how much additional time you gain throughout the day staying away from social media.

Be Mindful

Be mindful of how many times you’re checking your phone on a daily basis. You’d be surprised how many times you reach into your pocket for your phone to check social media. Apple recently added a screen time summary so you can keep track of this exact stat on a weekly basis. It’s shocking, to say the least.



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