How To Raise Well-Adjusted Children: 10 Powerful Tips

Here are 10 powerful tips to raise well-adjusted children


If your goal is to raise well-adjusted children then schedule them on routines as early as you possibly can. These routine schedules should include homework, meals, bath time, and bedtime. I even had a routine for when I came home from school as a child which included changing my clothes, grabbing a snack, and then doing my homework.


Boundaries are tough for some adults let alone young children. Tell a child no and before you know it all hell is breaking loose. To avoid chaos, some parents just avoid and work without boundaries. This method produces the children I spoke about earlier, the lazy entitled brats.

Show them love

If you want to raise well-adjusted children you must show them love. Let them know how you feel about them daily. Hug them and tell them often how much you love them. To this day I still tell my girls I love them each night before bed even if it’s in passing by their room at night en route to my bed.


Empathy allows children to feel what it’s like to “walk in someone else’s shoes” or put themselves in someone else’s situation. Empathetic people are typically kinder, gentler people. Having empathy is difficult to teach but I believe this is a perfect case of teaching by example. If you, as a parent, lead with an empathetic heart your child will learn to approach situations in the same kind manner.

Play with them

We all live chaotic lives, working long hours, and barely having time for ourselves. If you want to raise well-adjusted children you need to learn to put your phone down and focus a certain amount of time daily to your children. Spending time playing with your children allows you to make strong bonds and connections. Even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood at night try to get outside with them while they’re young, willing, and not enrolled in 40 different after school activities and sports.

Assign them chores

Raising well-adjusted children involves teaching them responsibility and there is no better way to teach them responsibility than to assign them weekly chores and simple household tasks. The chores don’t have to be overly involved and should be simple enough for them to complete when they are young.

Limit screen-time

Social media is rotting our children’s brains. I don’t have any hard scientific proof of this other than my observations. When I was young I knew how to navigate my neighborhood and where people lived. My 16-year-old has no idea where her friend’s houses are because she’s never paying attention when she’s in the car. Instead, she is staring at social media on her cell phone. We didn’t have anything to keep us occupied in the car growing up other than music so I focused on where we were.

Give children moments to remember

Well-adjusted children don’t need a whole “slew” of expensive things that they won’t remember when they’re adults. Instead, they need moments and memories to look back on favorably. My girls remember the times when we would play games or have “daddy-daughter days” at the arcade or Dave and Buster’s. The times as a family when we would celebrate the holidays together and dress up in goofy costumes to celebrate different cultures.

Have some lazy days

It’s OK to enjoy some downtime with your children as well and just relax. When my oldest was young I built a two-person swing in our yard that we would sit on all the time and just swing back and forth. We didn’t do anything but just talk and relax but it was a chance to just observe her growing up.

Read to them

Every night my wife and I would take turns reading to our girls before bed. Sometimes it was the same book over and over again and other times we got the chance to mix it up. I’m pretty sure I could recite Goodnight Moon to this day if I were put on the spot.



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