Perseverance: The Powerful Force That Provides Results — Dad On The Edge

5 Tips to Better Perseverance

Set worthwhile goals

Make sure that the goal you have set is worth your time. There are times in life when people find themselves going down rabbit holes that wind up consuming so much of their time that relationships and family life is ruined at the cost of achieving the goal. We see this often when trying to launch a new business. The goal you have set must be something that you are passionate about. I’ve discussed before in my goal setting article the concept of writing out your goals to commit them to memory and then leaving them visible so you can reference back to these goals daily.

Remember past successes

Looking back on the past and the times when you persevered and succeeded can help you call up the courage you need now to be successful. Worrying about what can go wrong is just wasted energy. I’ve always loved the quote, “worrying does not take away tomorrow’s problems; it takes away today’s peace.” Worry can destroy a person’s focus. Remember that most of what you worry about is not based in reality but instead based on what you think will happen. Think about the times when you did succeed. What you did to get there to keep you on the right path?

One step at a time

Start slow, but start! You can not get to the end of the finish line if you don’t start. Procrastination often creeps in when we are nervous or fearful about starting something new. We begin to think about all the ways and reasons why we shouldn’t do anything. As human beings, we all exhibit a certain level of contentment. It’s hard at times to get out of our way and try something new outside our comfort zone.

Keep moving forward

Always do your best to keep moving forward. When doubt slips in, remember why you are doing what you are and push through. One foot in front of the other and keep making progress. At the end of each day, ask yourself if you’ve done everything you could have today to propel you forward.

Expect the best

Always expect the best from yourself! When you raise your level of what you expect from yourself and others, the response tends to be better performance. Set yourself and your mind up for success and not failure. Go in with a positive mindset, and positive things are bound to happen.



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