Teach Your Children To Be Inquisitive In Life

Create an open dialogue and ask them questions

No topics should be off-limits if you want to create an open dialogue and an environment where children want to speak with you. The more questions you ask them the more they will learn that asking questions is how they get answers and learn. Start conversations that will make them think and offer an opinion.

Don’t always answer their questions

Most times if your child is asking a question they already have a feeling or a thought about what they are asking you. Don’t avoid your child’s question and walk away but instead, ask the question back to them. “Why is the sky blue, Dad?” “ That’s a great question, why do you think the sky is blue?”

Point them in the right direction and help them find the answer to their question

In “ye olden days” when I was a child and my inquisitive mind was working overtime, I’d search through an encyclopedia (which even now is online) for an answer to any question I had. It was knowledge right at your fingertips in 26 huge volumes with each book representing a letter in the alphabet. Anything you wanted to know you could find. Now we have the internet and our friends Google, Siri, and Alexa to help us answer questions.

Read with them and ask questions

Reading with your child is important for many reasons. Asking questions while you read will help keep your child inquisitive, curious, and involved. “What do you think will happen next”? “Why do you think he/she feels this way”? By asking questions as you read you will keep the child invested in discovering the outcome while helping them think more about what they’re reading.

Encourage them to try new things and experiences

Trying new things and experiences can consist of new games, food, a sport, adventure, anything that is outside of the norm of what they are used to doing. Let them know that you enjoy trying new things as well so they know they aren’t in this new adventure alone. Join in when you can with them while you can and take a new class.

Let them explore

Sometimes we just need to let our children be children and explore. We don’t need to constantly hover over them. There will be scraped knees and bruises. It’s all part of growing up. Children need a routine but it’s also nice to occasionally let them have some random time to just explore.

Spend time playing along with them



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